Carved Buffet 2

All prices, unless stated otherwise, are per head.

Carved Buffet 2

This Buffet includes Buffet Style Waitress Service and All Tableware
Platters of Roast Turkey or Fresh Dressed Salmon and Ham, Beef all garnished with salad
Continental Meat and Cheese Platter or Seafood Platter (Goujons of Plaice and Cod Bites, Tuna, Prawns and Mackerel)
Eggs Paprika in Mayonnaise
Pate with French Bread
Quiche or Onion Bhajis/Samosas
Gala Pie or Savoury Jalousie
Vol au Vents with Creamy Mushroom & Coronation Chicken and Cheese and onion fillings
Crudités and Dips
Beetroot, Coleslaw, Waldorf Salad, Provencal Rice Salad
Tomato, Cucumber Ring with Fresh Herb Dressing
Choice of Sweets
Strawberry Cheesecake, Kiwi Pavlova, Sherry Trifle, Apple Pie, Pear Franzipangi

Tea/ Coffee

Price per head including Sweet and Buffet Style Table Service £20.00
Price per head Excluding Service £17.00

£ 17.00Price:
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