Celebration Fork Buffet

All prices, unless stated otherwise, are per head.

Celebration Fork Buffet

Egg and Prawn Mayonnaise
Pate with Toast and Salad Garnish
Florida Cocktail
Tuna Waldorf Salad
Prawn Cocktail
Peaches with Ham and Cottage Cheese

Roast Turkey, Ham, Beef or Pork
Platters of Seafood
(Dressed Salmon, Tuna, Prawns, Mackerel, Goujons of Plaice)
Hot New Potatoes with Parsley Butter
Hot Ratatouille
Stuffed Eggs
Hot Vol au Vents
Gala Pie
Broccoli & Stilton and Mushroom & Pepper Quiche
Cheese and Pineapple
Carrot and Sultana Salad
Mediterranean Rice Salad
Tomato, Onion and Cucumber Ring
Buttered French Bread

Choice of Sweets from any List

A Selection of English and Continental Cheeses with Crackers and Butter

Coffee with Mints

Including waitress service for 2.5 hours all crockery and table linen.

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