Cheap and Cheerful

All prices, unless stated otherwise, are per head.

Cheap and Cheerful

A selection of closed sandwiches, all garnished with salad comprising:-
Ham, Beef, Chicken, Cheese, Egg Mayonnaise, Tuna, Turkey etc.

From the following list choose 3 savoury items:
Sausage Rolls Or Vol au Vents
Samosas/Onion Bhajis
Pieces of Pork Pie
Wholemeal Vegetable Pie
Cheese/Onion or Mushroom Lattices
Scotch Eggs
Crab Sticks
Cheese Puffs
Cod Bites
Wholemeal Pizza Fingers
Cheese Melts


Selection of Home Made Individual Cakes

Including paper plates, napkins, cutlery, paper table cloths.

£ 5.00Price:
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