Cultural Collection

All prices, unless stated otherwise, are per head.

Cultural Collection

A Selection of open and closed sandwiches with various fillings including
Halal chicken and vegetarian options all garnished with salad

From the list below choose three or five savoury items
Meat/Vegetable Patties
Jerk Pork
Onion Bhajis/Samosa’s
Vegetable/Chicken Satay
Fried Dumplings
BBQ Wings
Tandorri Kebabs
Fried Fish

Caribbean Rice Salad
Vegetable Strips and Dips

Add a Cake Selection £2.00 per head
Pineapple Kebabs
Bakewell Tart
Lemon Drizzle Cake
Rum Fruit Cake
Coconut Custard
Bananna Bonoffee

£ 8.50Price:
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