Executive Finger Buffet

All prices, unless stated otherwise, are per head.

Executive Finger Buffet

Fresh Crab Rolls, Smoked Salmon Rolls, Cream Cheese and Asparagus Rolls
Roast Beef Triangles with Horseradish, Prawn Triangles with Marie Rose
Cheese & Spring Onion Rolls, Roast Ham with Mustard in Granary Bread
Pastry Barquettes with Coronation Chicken, Creamy Mushrooms & Blue Cheese fillings
Assorted Mini Quiches, Mushroom Crolines, Stuffed Eggs, Chicken medalions
Canapé Styled Assortment with various Toppings


Selection of Open sandwiches and Bread Smorgasbord Style
Vol au Vents, Pizza Rounds, Chicken Dippers with Garlic Dip
Spicy Almond Tartlets with Roquefort & Cognac
Cherry Tomatoes with Mozzarella, Stuffed Eggs
Savoury Leak & Mustard Scones with various Toppings

The above buffets include
Provencal Rice Salad, Bean and Pasta Salad, Coleslaw
And A selection of Dressed Salads

Choice of Sweet from any list.
Including disposable plates, forks,etc.

£ 12.00Price:
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